Supported living

We are a specialist provider of supported living options, offering tenants with varying abilities the opportunity to live wherever they want and how they choose.

Encircle Housing aims to work differently and more positively with individuals and their circles of support. We strive to enable individuals to meet their true potential, to work from a strength-based perspective, which starts with the individual person at the centre, looking at their strengths and aspirations. We work with them and a wide range of partners from statutory, voluntary and community settings to enhance their quality of life.

We are interested in the following:

  • What an individual can do
  • What they like to do
  • What they don’t like to do
  • Learning what we need to do to support them
  • Providing the right support for their family/community/transport networks
  • Giving a real opportunity to meaningfully engage in the community
  • Creating the right housing in the right location


We pride ourselves on the properties and homes we’ve created. We ensure that they are continuously managed and maintained to a high standard. We are also confident we employ the right professionally trained and skilled individuals to respectfully undertake their work in an individual’s home.